Sublime (1996)

“If he knows what is good for him, he best go run and hide…”

Say what you will about Sublime. Tell me that What I Got is the most over-covered song of all time. Tell me how you think this album belongs locked in a frat house basement for all eternity. Tell me how many times you heard some dude butcher Santeria on acoustic.

But there is no doubting that this album captures something magical — perhaps through its sunny-day riffs juxtaposed with heavy punk sections and raw lyrics, or the fact that we lost Brad Nowell just before this album came out and thus were not overexposed to his style and approach. Sublime, as an LP, just has the “it factor.”

In many ways, Sublime were antiheroes. They sang about stealing, whoring and otherwise raw accounts from the tweaker pad. Most of these songs are very unglamorous. And yet others, like Santeria, are beautiful. If you don’t sing along to “daddy’s got a new .45” when you hear this, well then you’re probably Sanchito himself.

It’s Friday. Kick back and roll back your clock to the sounds of Sublime. Happy listening.

Suitable for: Edward 40-hands

Appropriate Playback Device: Your Mac’s stock speakers, all the way up.

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