Modest Mouse: Good News For People Who Love Bad News (2004)

“Can we smoke in here?”

When I first listened to this album in college back in 2004, it was about as indie as I had ever gone. My rock palette included staples like Sublime, Incubus and RHCP. But that’s the beautiful thing about being surrounded by people from all different places and with all different tastes.

I liked this album from the start. It traverses the musical emotional scale, from melodic and resolved to dissonant and brooding. Most of the time, the band’s sound is indicative of its name. But the instances of defiance (like Bury Me) are what really stick out.

This album has hits on it that were surprising in 2004, but make total sense today. Everybody knows Float On, a reassuring stomper that still holds up. Ocean Breathes Salty is one of my favorite songs of all time, and Bukowski is the kind of flowing, introspective song that might say what you’re thinking. The Good Times are Killing Me accidentally became a mantra for me over the years.

Some albums might make you feel lovesick, or nostalgic, or amped up. Good News for People who Love Bad News makes you want to drink whiskey and smoke inside with some of your closest friends.

Suited for: One of those happenstance parties that happen on a Tuesday night in college, that are better that your Saturday plans today.

Appropriate Playback Device: iPod dock

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