Bush: The Science of Things (1999)

“I’m all about the basics…”

What do you get when you combine post-grunge alternative rock with 30 free hours of AOL at 56k kbps?

You’d most likely get Bush’s testament to the budding digital age, The Science of Things.

1999 was a weird year. The “information superhighway” was a buzz phrase. The world braced itself for Y2K, chat rooms were all the rage, and wrestling was cool. Computers were in full transition from the exclusive domain of super-nerdy basement dwellers to the average living room, and The Matrix had us all wondering what was really real. Things were pretty cool before the turn of the millennium.

As you traverse this album, you’ll hit on a number of pressing topics from the late 90’s, including Jesus and his online access, space travel, sleeping cables, chemicals and warm machines. It’s not a bad album. It just doesn’t really stick out in the pantheon of 90’s music. And it’s definitely not as good as Bush’s earlier 16 Stone (all the girls loved Glycerine) or Razorblade Suitcase (Mouth, Greedy Fly).

It’s an interesting album that sounds very 90s, sort of like an audio time capsule from a time when we were still speculating about how this whole internet thing would impact our lives.

Suitable for: Questioning technology

Appropriate Playback Device: 5-disc changer

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