Stone Temple Pilots: Purple (1994) by Vincent Pomarico

“Too much walking, shoes worn thin…”

For as much of a Pearl Jam freak I was at the time (and still am), this was the first CD I popped into my ’93 Accord after I got my driver’s license. I’ll never forget that feeling of freedom of driving way too fast, windows down in March (brrrr), with this nearly perfect album blaring out of those shitty speakers.

Scott Weiland, another tragedy. It’s sad because you just knew he’d never get it together. I loved this guy’s lyrics, his voice, and his stage presence. I always followed this band, but refused to see them live until I saw a steady string of shows where Weiland would show up reasonably close to on time, and somewhat coherent. I never got that opportunity. He probably hadn’t shown the world anywhere near his full potential anytime within the last 15, maybe even 20 years. The art lives on though. Their first 4 albums are all totally unique in comparison to each other and are awesome. Hope you’re enjoying that Great Gig in the Sky, Scott.

Suitable for: Driving fast.

Appropriate Playback Device: ’93 Accord stock system, windows down, full blast.

This post was contributed by The Don, Vin Pomarico.

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