Incubus: Morning View (2001)

“I dig my toes into the sand…”

Hope you all had a great new year. The first DailyLP for 2016 is Morning View by Incubus.

I first became aware of this band in High School, when Morning View’s predecessor Make Yourself quickly became one of my favorite albums. I loved Pardon Me, and girls loved Stellar. And when the acoustic versions came out, forget it. I credit both of those songs for inspiring me to make a shift from drums to guitar.

Listing to the Incubus discography, you can really hear an evolution of sound from their early days up through today. Morning View sits at a very interesting place in the bands lifespan. Going backwards to S.C.I.E.N.C.E. and before that, Fungus Amongus, Incubus was overtly trippy, live-from-the-Spaceship sound that featured one of the first DJs I’d ever heard in a rock band. (Now, electronic sounds in indie/rock music is almost a given.)

Going forward to A Crow Left of the Murder (which will be covered in the future, as it was a soundtrack to my freshman year in college), and then Light Grenades, the band becomes a bit more political and even lovesick at times. The sound is much more polished.

But Morning View sits at that intersection where the band evolved from its punk-on-acid-with-computers roots, and its heavier turn-of-the-millennium sound, and really found an evergreen sound that still shines through today. Wish You Were Here was the radio hit, and despite sharing a name with one of the greatest songs of all time, does a solid job of holding its own. Overall, the album showcases Incubus’ roots, while exemplifying the unmistakable vibe of the Malibu beach house in which it was recorded.

Suitable for: Soundtrack to cocktail hour at your Jersey shore rental

Appropriate playback device: Portable stereo



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