Deftones: Koi No Yokan (2012)

“Shedding your skin… showing your texture…”

Deftones have been a part of my life for nearly as long as I’ve been playing music. Their earlier albums like Around the Fur and Adrenaline provided a soundtrack to my young teenage years, while White Pony offered a more polished and introverted alt metal sound that reminds me of when I first began to drive (in an ’89 Jeep Cherokee.)

The Deftones’ sound, and Koi No Yokan in particular, could be equated to a hot, moonless summer night. Think, the type of night you could go swimming and not be cold when you got out, or drive with the top down without a hoodie, or kick back and await a thunderstorm that would surely come to break the humidity.

I also imagine a transcontinental nighttime flight where you can look out the window at the lights below, and try to guess which city you’re flying over. (Does anyone else do that?) Their sound is great for introspection.

Koi No Yokan is one of those lovely untranslatable Japanese expressions (like umami), that always seem to describe how we feel but can’t always express. The phrase equates to a feeling that you might get when meeting someone for the first time, that you’ll inevitably fall in love.

The album itself is vintage Deftones, and I welcome their signature sound into my early 30s. This band had an unmistakable influence on my early songwriting, and still inspires me, even if the direct influence doesn’t really shine through my songwriting anymore.

Next time you’re driving at night, roll the windows down and turn the volume up. There’s a certain meditative quality about rocking out with the Deftones.

Happy listening.

Suitable for: Driving at night; airplanes

Appropriate playback device: Car stereo or noise cancelling headphones

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