The Roots: How I Got Over (2009)

This is one of those posts where it’s less about album experience and more about music discovery.

I’ve had piecemeal songs from The Roots’ How I Got Over on various playlists over the years, but I’d never actually sat down to listen to the whole thing. And in hearing The Fire in the new Rocky movie Creed last week, I was inspired to dive into the whole thing. 

The Roots are amazing. Most of us know them as the house band on Jimmy Fallon, where their talent is on full display on a nightly basis. (Like last night with Billy Joel.)

But these guys have been around for a long time, and their music has a special quality about it. Put it this way: If Curtis Mayfield’s version of soul is a classic recipe like strawberry short cake, The Roots hip-hop infused take on neo soul would be a deconstructed, honey sponge cake with creme fraiche and strawberry foam. 

(Food is like music.)

So I’ll keep it short: This album is great, and is filled with excellent tracks like The Fire. So if you need that winter flow, crank up The Roots this weekend.  

Suitable for: Preparing for a big moment or event; getting hyped and confident. 

Appropriate playback device: Nice headphones 

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