Mazzstock Preview: Zach Deputy: Sunshine (2009)

I first saw Zach Deputy at Mountain Jam in 2012. Not on stage, mind you — I saw him on line to buy a green juice from one of the local vendors. I immediately noticed people walking up to Zach and how gracious he was to these fans.

Later that night, I caught his performance on one of the smaller stages, and it was a really fantastic showcase of talent. Zach does it all. I knew that he had the “it” factor and was excited to see his musical path over the next few years.

This year, Zach Deputy is headlining Friday night at the Mazzstock Music Festival in my home town of Marlboro, NY. Marlboro is located in New York’s scenic Hudson Valley, which — both musically and geographically — is sandwiched between the forward-driving Brooklyn scene and the deep roots of Woodstock. This growing festival, along with new local staples like The Falcon, are turning Marlboro in to a musical destination. It’s a beautiful thing.

As we’re dusting off the DailyLP, our “first album back” is Sunshine by Zach Deputy. The album features upbeat, danceable tracks like Real, while getting real islandy with tracks like The Way You Make Me Feel. Stay is a beautiful ballad as well — the type of song you’d listen to with your girl on your arm, drink in hand, watching the sun dip into the bay.

Check it out here:


Contributed by Dave Heinz of NYC-based funk/soul/jam band SkyDaddy

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