Mazzstock Preview: Space Carnival: Drawn In By The Sun (2016)

We’re inching closer to Mazzstock. Tents are being set up. RVs are pulling in. The meatballs at catering have been ordered. With just over a week left, it’s time to look at another great band that will be helping to kick things off on Friday 8/26: Up-and-coming party jammers Space Carnival.

If you haven’t heard these guys yet, think wavy instrumental jams that feel a bit like intergalactic exploration. They definitely fit into the Dopapod/Teddy Midnight afterparty jam vibe, and we’re loving it.

If this is your first taste of the Space Carnival, Pilbt is a cool track off their debut LP Drawn In By The Sun to get you started. Uh Oh, I Slipped On My Disco is a fun rager that kicks off with some funky, sneaky bass reminiscent of a festival at Green Hill Zone. Regal Krad is the type of synthy jam that feels like rolling out into a foggy night when streetlights start to blur. Round out your listen with Entree the Giant to hear a great little fairy tale of conquest. 

(Or just listen to the whole album. You know you want to.) Here it is:

Mazzstock takes place from 8/26-28 in Marlboro, NY (~90 minutes north of NYC). Get your tickets at

This post was written by Dave Heinz, bassist and vocalist for NYC-based SkyDaddy


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