Mazzstock Preview: Talking Machine: The Hammer and the Dove (2014)

If you’re from the Hudson Valley, you’ve probably heard of Talking Machine — one of the hardest working, most active bands in the region. In full band capacity, duo or solo, Talking Machine are out there performing their asses off and getting it done — often five nights a week. Their cover set is second-to-none, and the rooms they play simply cannot contain their talent.

What many of you HV music fans might not know, however, is that Talking Machine have released a wonderfully unique original album — The Hammer and the Dove — in which they demonstrate complete mastery of their distinct sound while telling fantastic stories. My personal favorite on this album is Melody and Prophecy — which highlights the Tin Monk’s signature guitar style and wide-range vocals, as well as Diane Holzhammer-Holub’s powerhouse pipes. I like to listen to this song and pretend I’m on an epic, LOTR-style adventure across wild country. (When usually, I’m on the train. Not quite as interesting.) Carousel showcases Monk and Diane’s knack for call-and-response vocals and harmonies, while the lyrics make you question the carnival ride itself; and Little One boasts the most beastly guitar solo of any lullaby in the history of music. (Yes, you read that correctly.)

I’ve had the pleasure of jamming with 3/4 of this band over the years, and they really are amazing people and musicians. We’re very excited for their set on Saturday 8/27 (marking their 7th year at Mazzstock) — and their participation in the Mazzstock All-Star Band afterward.



Mazzstock takes place from 8/26-28 in Marlboro, NY (~90 minutes north of NYC). Get your tickets at

This post was written by Dave Heinz of SkyDaddy 



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