Mazzstock Preview: Primate Fiasco: Adventures of the Primate Fiasco, Vol. 1 (2013)

The first thing you’ll notice about Massachusetts-based Primate Fiasco is that they don’t deploy your typical instrument lineup. Instead of a bass, these guys have a TUBA player. And he’s great. You’ll hear banjo, accordion, sax and harmonica on this album, kickstarting a whiskey-fueled jaunt into party-mode as things progress. Without a doubt, these guys bring it every time — and they’re a perfect way to kick off Mazzstock 2016. 

March of the Goosepimp (13+ minute jam) is a great way to get acquainted with this band and brasstronica. You’ll hear a spectrum of sounds that take you to fun places — kind of like if a NOLA band existed in World 4 of Super Mario 3. Sidekick is the band’s most popular song — showcasing how unique and catchy these guys can be and bringing big-time potential to the table. Numbers demonstrates the straight-up, swingin’ Frenchmen Street thing with clarinet featured prominently throughout.

These guys are the perfect juxtaposition of old-school instrumentation, built for today’s “everything is electronic” listener. Their sound is like a classic car in mint condition — turning everyone’s heads. 

Primate Fiasco kicks off Mazzstock weekend with a Thursday night pre-party at The Falcon in Marlboro.


Mazzstock takes place from 8/26-28 in Marlboro, NY (~90 minutes north of NYC). Get your tickets at

This post was written by Dave Heinz, bassist and vocalist for NYC-based SkyDaddy

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