Mazzstock Preview: Spiritual Rez: Apocalypse Whenever (2014)

Less than one week from tonight, Spiritual Rez take the Mazzstock stage, bringing their reggae dance party to the Hudson Valley.

This band has been hard at work gigging and writing their 4th studio release — Setting in the West — due October 7. Get a taste of their new sound here:

Just this week the band announced its fall tour dates via JamBase. The national road show includes dates in Chicago, Cleveland, Phoenix and Seattle; extended stints in California and Florida; and wraps up back home in Boston before Thanksgiving. We’re excited to help give them a proper send off this weekend at Mazzstock.

If you’re looking for an early taste of Spiritual Rez, their 2014 release Apocalypse Whenever is a great starting point. Bring It On provides social commentary set to reggae beats and fun horn lines. Don’t Be Afraid starts like a ballad-esque tune and grows into an anthem of positivity.  Spiritual Rez own their own district wrinkle of the reggae sound on this LP — which is not an easy thing to do. Crank this baby up on a sunny day or warm night. Can’t wait to hear the next release.


Mazzstock takes place from 8/26-28 in Marlboro, NY (~90 minutes north of NYC). Spiritual Rez headlines Saturday night. Don’t miss it! Get tickets at

This post was written by Dave Heinz from SkyDaddy

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