Mazzstock Preview: Juka: EP1 (2015)

Banks Harris is a boss. If you’re coming to Mazzstock this year, be sure to mark Friday night at 6:20pm on your calendar. That’s when Harris and Juka take the controls and kick the party into high gear — marking their 2nd consecutive appearance at Mazzstock.

What does Juka sound like? Take the smokey 1920’s gin joint and turn it on its head. Grab it by the shoulders, shake it around a bunch and give it a good smack across the face. Then tell it you love it. That’s Juka — a genre-blending lounge band from the far side of your mind.

Featuring some of Brooklyn’s finest players, including New School graduates Darren Denman (keys), Caleb McMahon (trumpet) and Pat Agresta (drums), Juka has cornered a powerful sound featuring effortless grooves and thought-provoking arrangements — providing the foundation for Harris to run roughshod on admiring crowds with her Winehouse-meets-Joplin lilt.

EP1 is an adventure. Soak it In grabs your attention and brings you right into the mix — establishing the Juka sound, syncopation and direct lyrical storytelling. If you close your eyes and listen to Brother’s Name, you might literally taste bourbon. Sunset Town showcases the band’s versatility and kicks things up a notch, featuring a dope organ solo.

Pour yourself a drink and crank this album up. Three more days until showtime!


Edit: Check out Juka’s latest video — Smallest Rapture!

Mazzstock takes place from 8/26-28 in Marlboro, NY (~90 minutes north of NYC). Get your tickets at

This post was written by Dave Heinz of SkyDaddy.

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