Mazzstock Preview: Alpha Male Gorillas

Mazzstock is in its 9th year. We’d be remiss if we didn’t cover the festival’s longest-tenured band… the mighty Alpha Male Gorillas — who will make their 9th appearance at the festival in 2016.

Formed in late 2004, AMG has worked the NY-NJ-CT-PA-CYB circuit through many peaks and valleys. In 2008, the band won the NY Regional of the Bodog Music Battle of the Bands, rocking venues like Gramercy Theater and Irving Plaza in support of its single, Bleed Marinara and leading up to its LP No Working Title. AMG went on to release two EPs in 2012 — The EP and Backflips and Burnouts — and has been a staple at Hudson Valley venues like The Chance in Poughkeepsie for almost 13 years.

Now settling into its second decade, AMG gig less frequently but more aggressively. Their annual Thanksgiving Eve party at The Falcon in Marlboro is always a hit, and they’ve become a Mazzstock staple. This year, in the 5pm Sunday Dinner slot, AMG plans to keep Mazzstock rocking straight into next week.

To understand this band, we’ll take a bit of a journey through time. Let’s start with the band’s first single… Bleed Marinara. If you haven’t seen this video yet, take 10, watch it and reminisce about a time before we all had HD cameras on our phones:


Next, we’ll jump ahead to 2008 during AMG’s run in Bodog Music Battle of the Bands. Here they are on 92.7, 96.9 WRRV performing Beach Bum live:


In 2012, AMG blew the roof off The Chance with this arrangement of The Doors > Bobbie Blue > Jay-Z while opening for 90’s rockers FUEL:


In 2013, the band rocked Simple Man at Mazzstock:


In 2015, the Gorillas returned to WRRV to drink in the parking lot promote their 10th anniversary show at The Chance with an acoustic performance of The Hangover Challenge:


In 2016, the Gorillas are focused on NY-based festivals including Cosmic Alignment (June), Mazzstock (August), Froggy Daze (September) and Dam Sam’s Harvest Fest (October) — with others on the radar.

They say if you’re within a stone’s throw of Newburgh, NY, you can hear The Don himself whispering on the wind, saying “‘ey, wabout you come to mazzstock?”

What’s next for AMG? Only time will tell. One thing is for sure — they’ll be back for Mazzstock 10 in 2017.


This post was written by Beef Supreme, editor-in-chief of the DailyLP. 




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