Mazzstock Preview: Roundup Edition

All week, we’ve been previewing some of the fantastic acts that will take the stage this weekend at Mazzstock 9. I wish I started this sooner, so that I could cover all 30+ bands — but alas, Mazzstock kicks off TONIGHT at The Falcon with Primate Fiasco! So for time’s sake, here’s a roundup of some of the other bands you’ll see this weekend that we didn’t get a chance to fully feature:

The Big Takeover (Friday, 7:10pm) — The lovely NeeNee Rushie and her band of soulful groove monsters get the “sunset set” on Friday night — kicking the party into high gear. Check out their LP Children of the Rhythm here:


Space Dragon (Friday, 8:15pm) — The Don himself makes his first on-stage appearance of Mazzstock 9 in the early evening of Day 1 with his original project. Alongside talented dangles Sam Allen (bass), Sean Fitch (guitar) and Joey Ricci (drums), these rockers provide a fresh, harmony-driven sound with face-melting potential.  Check them out on ReverbNation:

Dan Brother Band (Friday, 10:55pm) — Hudson Valley blues staples DB3 nestle into their customary spot on Friday night, poised to rock the house with their soulful, danceable tunes. Rumor has it that the world-famous “Big Thirst” will be in attendance. Check out Dan Brother Band on YouTube.

Cosmal (Friday [well, technically Saturday] 12:00am) — Cosmal and Ali Laz bring their hyper-artistic live/electronic show to the main stage at high midnight. If you haven’t seen these two perform yet, I won’t spoil too much — but for a taste, check out their EP NOW here:


Junket (Saturday, 2:30pm) — Mazzstock prides itself on music from various genres — and we’re not afraid to rock out. Enter Junket. The Hudson Valley staple brings a heaping scoop of hard rock to the stage on Saturday. These guys are ready to get the party started. Check them out on Spotify:


The Ceesar Band (Saturday, 3:35pm) — This Dutchess County-based classic rock tribute band debuts at Mazzstock this year with an awesome afternoon slot. Check them out on Facebook.

SkyDaddy (Saturday, 4:40pm; Sunday, 1pm) — The funk/soul storytellers make their 4th appearance at Mazzstock with two original sets over the course of the weekend. Guitarist Tom Clancey has promised “at least two new songs on Saturday — and wait until you see what the Blast Off Bros. (saxophonist Joe North and drummer Pat Agresta) have up their sleeves.” Check out SkyDaddy’s self-titled EP here:


The Mazzstock All-Star Band (Saturday, 6:50pm)  Comprised of players from multiple Mazzstock bands (Talking Machine, Space Dragon, Ceesar) and fronted by founder Lee Mazzola, the MASB is always ready to rock. Mark this one on your schedule and bring your dancin’ shoes.

Teddy Midnight (Saturday, 11:50pm) — In the running for “most fun band at Mazzstock,” Teddy Midnight are back for their 2nd year and we’re psyched for their ever-tight performance. By the time these guys take the stage, the entire field will be in a fervor. Plus — seeing Teddy Midnight at actual midnight… that needs to be a thing, right? Like May the 4th be with you or Slurpee Day on 7/11. In fact, I think we need to count down to midnight with these guys. Check out Teddy Midnight’s rockin’ electro-dance-funk here:


Los Thujones (Sunday, 12:10pm) — Haven’t had your fill of different musical genres at Mazzstock yet? How about some skagrass? Los Thujones take the stage with their melodic americana sound for an afternoon delight. Check them out on ReverbNation:

Jonny Monster Band (Sunday, 6:10pm) — Jonny Monster is a fervent blues demogorgon who brings the heat every single time. Grab a whiksey and smoke ’em if you got ’em. Check out Jonny Monster Band here:

Gratefully Yours (Sunday, 7:15pm) — The Sunday headliner is definitely something to be grateful for. Featuring members of Max Creek, the Trey Anastasio Band and Cats Under the Stars, these guys would make Jerry proud. Let’s all get together and celebrate another year in the field with some beautiful grooves. Listen here.

Still don’t have tickets? Well then, fix that ASAP!

See you out there.

-Beef Supreme





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