lespecial: omnisquid (2015) + Fall Tour Dates 

Just this week, Boston-based jamtronic rockers lespecial announced their Fall 2016 tour dates — so I though it would be a good time to dig into their 2015 LP Omnisquid.

Ancient Alien philosophers predict that this will be your favorite album of the fall. If you’re like me, and the change in season brings out an underlying sense that anything and everything is possible — man, I can just sense it in that cool air — then you’ll dig this album jacked up to 11. This LP is funky at times; trippy/heavy at times; but more often than not evokes a feeling like you’re looking out a window on the Galactica.

Some of my favorite tracks include Squid Rising, which shares some lore behind the album cover set to the exact type of funky, rockin’ bassline that we need in our lives. Optimus Prime Slot sounds to me like what life would be like building space robots on a foreign planet — blending styles in a fantastical way. Sugaboi evokes Incubus’ S.C.I.E.N.C.E. in an awesome way, pairing snapping, rapid drums with rounded bass and a perfectly selected vocal sample. Absolutely Stunning is a wonderfully melodic way to cap off this LP journey. This whole album is a wild boat ride on the stormy Sea of Genres — and I love it.

If you’re looking to catch lespecial this fall, a few notable tour dates include:

9/10 at the Great North Music and Arts Fest in Minot, ME

9/16 at the Brooklyn Bowl with TAUK

10/9 at NY Harvest Fest in Laurens, NY

11/12 at Nectar’s in Burlington, VT

Check out the full list here. 😐 !

This post was written by Dave Heinz of SkyDaddy

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