Hayley Jane & The Primates: Gasoline (2014)

Half June Carter, half Badass. That’s the vibe I’m getting from Hayley Jane & the Primates — slated to play Great North Music & Arts Fest (with yesterday’s featured artist, lespecial) in the great state of Maine next weekend. Today, we’re digging into their 2014 LP Gasoline. 


Another day, another Boston-based band. Man, Beantown is really bringing it these days. There are some wonderful harmonies on this album — with Dream Canvas #10 jumping out at me as a feel-good song musically, with juxtaposed lyrics. Eliza proves the genre-bending nature of this project, proving just how country things can get — while maintaining  a certain degree of theatrics that make you wonder if this song was actually from a classic Broadway play. (Kind of like how The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down sounds like it could be a cover of a folk song from 1869, yet it was written in 1969. I love that about it.) The Fix picks us up with a driving beat and a rocking guitar solo, once again showcasing the band’s diversity. Madam Humphrey is an amazing story that, in my opinion, highlights all the best parts about this band: Melodic, in-depth, smart… absorbing. I can literally picture this story in my head.

Overall, this album is very accessible to almost any listener — or as HJ & The Primates aptly put it, “[like] a grandma dancing with her emo grandson who just discovered The Rolling Stones kind of vibe.”

Check out Hayley Jane & The Primates all around the Northeast this fall — with a few key dates including:

9/11 at The Great North Music & Arts Festival in Minot, ME

9/17 at the Brooklyn Bowl with TAUK (night 2)

10/8 at the NY Harvest Fest in Laurens, NY

11/19 at The Outer Space/The Ballroom in Hamden, CT

If you go to a Hayley Jane & The Primates live show and want to contribute, contact us here!

This post was written by Dave Heinz of SkyDaddy







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