Cosmal: Infinite Divine (2017)

Cosmal has blessed 2017 with a new release, Infinite Divine, available this week via MalLabel Music.

When I think of World music, I think back to an ethnomusicology course I took in college — which explored the cultural origins of music with an emphasis on Africa, Asia and the Americas. Of course, none of the indigenous trcosmal-infinite-divideacks we listened to in that course were quite like what Cosmal is doing today: Drawing upon worldly (and perhaps otherworldly) ingredients and blending them into an electronic smoothie of deliciousness from the 5th dimension.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing Cosmal + Ali Laz live, I won’t spoil anything for you. But I will say that their approach to art & music is totally unique, and they’re truly owning the space. They’ll capture your attention with a positive message and keep you tapped in through an eclectic, melodic journey through time, space and love.

I encourage you to see them at the next chance you get — whether it be on the northeast festival circuit or elsewhere on this great blue marble.

Listen here:


This post was written by SkyDaddy bassist/vocalist Dave Heinz. 

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