Tyrone Shoelaces: Shoot the Radio (2016)

I had the pleasure of meeting Chuck Chesler of Tyrone Shoelaces via our friends at RabbitHouse Records (Norwalk, CT) last year as we synced up on fall gigs.

Chuck, a veteran of the festival and jam circuit, has really keyed in on a wonderfully grooving sound alongside some excellent players in Tyrone Shoelaces. Their 2016 release, Shoot the Radiois the second LP from this rock-oriented jam band that is overflowing with talent — including Joe Meo and Mark Zaleski on horns and Marshall Raugh on Trombone.


In the Garden puts Chuck’s vocals and keyboard playing on display, telling  an evocative story set to some tight horns. Closing Time Revisited demonstrates exactly how deep Tyrone Shoelaces can go across the improvisational event horizon, with Chuck as the captain, transversing a buggin’ break jam through the Kuiper Belt before finally returning to its catchy solar system of origin.  I Didn’t Notice showcases the band’s diversity and genre-bending abilities across nearly six minutes of hit-laden soul rock.

Tyrone Shoelaces will be rocking Seaside Tavern in in Stamford, CT on March 4.

Listen to Shoot the Radio here:

This post was written by Dave Heinz of SkyDaddy

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