David Bryan & Friends: Songs to Fill the Air: A Memorial Concert (2014, Live)

photo credit: Barbara Elmendorf

There’s no shortage of Grateful Dead tribute bands out there — but the quality certainly varies across the spectrum. David Bryan & Friends are in the upper echelon, bringing a wonderfully melodic live concert to the table in the form of Songs to Fill the Air: A Memorial Concert to Celebrate the Life of Jerry Garcia. The album was recorded live at St. Bartholomew’s Church — a National Historic Landmark — in New York City on 8/8/14.

According to David Bryan, the album is “probably the first of its kind, as most churches will ‘show you the door’ if you ask them about playing Grateful Dead music in their space!” I, for one, think the clergy folk could learn a thing or two from the always-inclusive Grateful Dead community.

David Bryan and Friends are playing NYC’s American Beauty — which always seems to have great festival-worthy acts playing year-round — on February 16. Check out the Facebook event for full details. This show appears to be the only Dead tribute playing around the northeast this Thursday. So if you need your fix, go check them out!

Songs to Fill the Air is wonderfully performed, and the essence of the space definitely comes across in the recording. Give it a full listen here:

This post was written by Dave Heinz of SkyDaddy.

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