Teddy Midnight: Velvet Blue (2016)

Ever get that feeling where you just can’t wait for the weekend? Stuck at work on a Wednesday? Bursting out of your skin to rage? Well, here’s the prescription: Teddy Midnight‘s new album Velvet Blue, out TODAY on SoundCloud:

I’ll sum it up quickly: Teddy Midnight’s jazzy jamtronic style is just perfect for me. It’s in my personal, musical Goldilocks zone. And having seen these guys a few times, including two weekends ago at Mazzstock and a couple years ago at Gramercy when they opened for Dopapod (who rocked so hard the speaker caught fire and we had to evacuate), I know Teddy Midnight bring it every single time. Plus, their graphics + light show are dope and the band themselves are awesome dudes. How can you not support this movement?

Teddy Midnight

So on to Velvet Blue. This is my first listen, so all first impressions here. Tree-O-Tree takes me directly back to Mazzstock field (or the festival of your choosing), during that hazy part of the night where you might find yourself separated from your friends, but you’re on the dance floor — so you just party on with all your new dance floor friends. Popo Jijo is a cinematic dive into the unexplored coral reef of your mind, displayed on your internal IMAX 4K imagination screen. Boner Vista Social Club takes you through the orange glow of narrow, cobblestone streets on a foggy night, looking for something that you just can’t put your finger on, and then BOOM you found it. It rocks.

It’s Wednesday. When you’re on the train, or walking down the street, or generally going about your daily grind, just remember: That stranger next to you just might have Teddy Midnight blasting in their headphones, too. Give them a hint of a smile and know that sooner than later, we’ll all be back on the dance floor together again.

This post was written by Dave Heinz of SkyDaddy

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