The Broadcast: From the Horizon (2016)

The Broadcast put the class in classic rock. Hailing from Asheville, NC and fronted by the soulful Caitlin Krisko, this band has created a unique blend of rock, blues and americana that feels nostalgic yet fresh at the same damn time. With just enough country sprinkled in, there’s something that will appeal to most audiences here. If you’re going to Wormtown (9/16-18 in Greenfield, MA), grab a schedule and mark this band on your calendar. (Oh, and don’t forget about Hayley Jane & The Primates.)

Today, we’re diving into The Broadcast’s new album From the Horizon, which went live in June. Right off the bat, Krisko’s vocals take center stage, providing silky-yet-powerful melodies set to a super tight rhythm section. Steamroller kicks this album off and gives us a taste of what we to expect — highs and lows both temporally and energetically, with a bluesy attitude and an overall sound harkening back to the old days. Sign it Off is a softer take, though not quite a ballad, that gives us a glimpse into a broken love story far removed from happily ever after. The album’s namesake, From the Horizon, is a beautiful, 2-minute acoustic ballad that really ices the cake. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear this song in TV or film over the next year.

Overall, The Broadcast are bringing it from multiple angles and it’s all gravy. They’re just wrapping up a summer tour, but we’re excited to hear about fall and spring ’17 dates coming up. For now, add this band to your fall playlist and show some love.

This post was written by Dave Heinz of SkyDaddy


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