Upstate Rubdown: A Remedy (2015)

I came across Upstate Rubdown while scouting northeast festivals for 2017. This acoustic septet has jammed at a few festivals including Otis Mountain Get Down and Mountain Jam, and are currently on their Northern Comfort Tour touching NYC, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Charlotte and Nashville, among others.

Sometimes, while listening to A Remedy, I feel like I’ve tapped into a hi-def radio feed from the 1940’s (i.e. Bad Enough). The harmonies are insanely wonderful on this album, with upbeat melodic tracks like Old Advice and New Life providing contrast to more percussive tunes like Ball Rolling. A Remedy is multi-layered journey, highlighted by the beautifully-plucked and sung Get Gone — a ballad that will transport you to a rocking chair on a front porch, perhaps with a whiskey and a smoke, somewhere scenic and personally meaningful to you.

You can check out Upstate Rubdown here, and out on the scene in 2017:


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