Gang of Thieves: Born to Be Loud (2016)

Gang of Thieves are pure power. This band is blending funk and rock into a magical McFlurry of epic proportions.

The band’s 2016 release Born to Be Loud  follows up 2014’s Thunderfunk by expanding on the group’s signature sound. I challenge you to listen to this album without uncontrollably moving a body part or three. For me, as I sit at my desk, it’s toes, arms and shoulders.

If my life was a movie, Feelin’ Funky (Get the Heat On) is the exact type of tune that I’d want during my opening montage where I do cool stuff like walk in slow motion across a crowded party and up to the hottest girl in the room. Love Bucket sums up what this band is all about: Rock-driven song structure with punchy horns and a careening vocal melody overtop of it all. Love Ya ‘Till the Morning takes the tempo down and grooves us into the warm and fuzzy place.

Don’t take my word for it. Crank this album up wherever you need a boost — at work, in the car, or in your headphones. Listen here:




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