Cosmal: Infinite Divine (2017)

This week, we’re continuing our preview series for Mazzstock — the small music festival with a big heart — taking place August 25-27, 2017 in Marlboro, NY. Get your tickets for the 10th annual Mazzstock here.

Mazzstock is a showcase of some of the Hudson Valley’s finest home-grown talent. At the top of that list is Cosmal — an exciting fusion of music and art by Ryan Coyle and Ali Laz — based out of New Paltz, NY.  Their unique blend of live/electronic world music and incorporation of visual arts are truly an exclamation point for any festival — and we’re psyched to have them on Friday night, 8/25, at Mazzstock X.

Back in January, we covered Cosmal’s 2017 release Infinite Divine. Here’s an excerpt:

If you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing Cosmal + Ali Laz live, I won’t spoil anything for you. But I will say that their approach to art & music is totally unique, and they’re truly owning the space. They’ll capture your attention with a positive message and keep you tapped in through an eclectic, melodic journey through time, space and love. I encourage you to see them at the next chance you get — whether it be on the northeast festival circuit or elsewhere on this great blue marble.

Cosmal is also hosting its own awesome festival — Down To Earth — taking place in Ferndale, NY from 8/18-21. You’ll surely see some of your Mazzstock family in attendance!

Check out Infinite Divine below, and be sure to follow Cosmal on all things social.


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