Space Carnival

This week, we’re continuing our preview series for Mazzstock — the small music festival with a big heart — taking place August 25-27, 2017 in Marlboro, NY. Get your tickets for the 10th annual Mazzstock here.

This is the 2nd year in a row that I’ve gone on Spotify to check out Space Carnival and find myself groovin’ so hard to Drawn in by the Sun. If you haven’t seen this Oneonta-based project yet, add them to your list. They’re rocking Sunday, 8/27 at Mazzstock this year. They also have a few tour dates this summer:

space carnival graphic.png

Since this is Space Carnival’s second consecutive appearance at Mazzstock, here’s what we wrote last year about DIBTS: 

If this is your first taste of the Space Carnival, Pilbt is a cool track off their debut LP Drawn In By The Sun to get you started. Uh Oh, I Slipped On My Disco is a fun rager that kicks off with some funky, sneaky bass reminiscent of a festival at Green Hill Zone. Regal Krad is the type of synthy jam that feels like rolling out into a foggy night when streetlights start to blur. Round out your listen with Entree the Giant to hear a great little fairy tale of conquest.

(Or just listen to the whole album. You know you want to.)

All of this still applies. Check out the full album below, and show them some social love.


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