The Mazzstock All-Star Band

This week, we’re continuing our preview series for Mazzstock — the small music festival with a big heart — taking place August 25-27, 2017 in Marlboro, NY. Get your tickets for the 10th annual Mazzstock here.

The week is upon us. So I wrote a haiku:

Upon Mazzstock Field 

There is no cellphone service

Yet we still connect 

And so it goes. Year 10 of Mazzstock has already begun for the crew of volunteers and the dedicated souls who put their time and effort into making this show a raging good time. From booking bands to building stages, it’s a true collective effort out there and as fans and attendees we send our eternal gratitude.

Of course, no Mazzstock is complete without a crushing set from the Mazzstock All-Star band, fronted by our gracious host himself, Big Lee Mazzola. Ringing in his 60s this month, Lee fronts this ever-evolving project that delves into all kinds of great material — rocking through themes like Bowie, The Doors and The Who in previous years. I have some idea of what the 2017 set will entail, but I won’t ruin the surprise — just make sure you’re ready to rock at 7:45pm on Saturday.

The MASB is an ever-evolving project, and this year’s lineup packs a serious punch. Jason Gisser of the eponymous Jason Gisser Band joins the party on acoustic guitar and vocals. Having just rocked with Jason up at Woods Bash, I can testify that he’s got some serious vocal skills and great stage presence. Veteran bassist Mark Van Erp rocks the low end this year, while artist-at-large Darren Denman tickles the ivories. MASB originals and Alpha Male Gorillas Vinny “The Don” Pomarico and Kris “the internet is cool” Schwind man the sixers, while Anthony “ask me about my favorite Netflix originals” De Fraia slaps the skins. (There promises to be a few special guests throughout the set as well.)

Of course, the whole thing is fronted by Lee — who decided to start a band in his 50s and has evolved into a really awesome and dynamic frontman over the past 10 years. Lee — you should be proud dude. Excited to watch you guys this year.

For those of you who are new to this scene, the entire Mazzstock mentality and DNA stems right from the big guy himself. This fest doesn’t exist because some venture capitalist thought it was a lucrative investment. It exists because Lee loves music and decided to throw an awesome party. 10 years later, that party has officially evolved into a delightful little festival with a big heart and even bigger balls.

The Mazzstock All Star Band is a pure expression of joy and rock n roll that sparked this whole thing back in 2008. At 7:45pm on Saturday, we rock.


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