The Grape & The Grain — Holy Rollin’ (2016)

This week, we’re continuing our preview series for Mazzstock — the small music festival with a big heart — taking place August 25-27, 2017 in Marlboro, NY. Get your tickets for the 10th annual Mazzstock here.

There’s some powerful rock emanating from Kingston, NY, and it shan’t be denied on Saturday, 8/26 at Mazzstock X. Ladies and gents, get to know The Grape & The Grain. Self-described as a psych-blues-rock band, these guys represent exactly what makes Mazzstock great: A diverse array of genres that keep you on your toes. You won’t get 30 DJ’s in a row, or spend your day pondering about how there are probably so many instrumental jam bands because the 20-minute solo breaks in every song bore the vocalists to death. No. You will get rock n roll, served hot, fast and in your face. And you’ll like it.

Check out The Grape & The Grain’s 2016 release, Holy Rollin’, on SoundCloud and show them some love. We’ll see you at the field.




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